Title: Amy at Sewerby Hall
Item Name: Amy Johnson


B/W photographs showing Amy Johnson at the official opening of Sewerby Hall in 1936, after its purchase by the local authority. Also present was Amy's husband, Jim Mollison - also a famous pilot - as well as Amy's father and one of her sisters (Mollie). The fur coat that Amy is wearing cost £1000 and was made of musquash (muskrat), a species of North American water rat. It was made in Paris and presumably given to her by the businessman Francois Dupre. He was providing Amy with free accommodation at the time, in his Parisian hotel, hoping that she would start a relationship with him. She never did.

Year: 1936
Materials: paper
Measurements: L:9cm; W:13.5cm
ID_Number: ERYMS : 1996.378

Related People

Mollison, James ("Jim")