Title: Half model
Item Name: Sea and Shipping


Half model of the steam ship "Brentham", showing the starboard side. With a pine hull, boxwood superstructure and brass fittings. Painted black above the waterline. 1:48 scale. Apart from the backboard, the original case has been removed and a perspex box substituted. Details recorded on plaques: "SS Brentham, 1916(?), Mackie & Thomson Ltd., shipbuilders, Glasgow." The vessel was owned by the Glasgow Steam Coasters Co. Ltd., until about 1918 and then by the Ouse Steam Shipping Co. Ltd. (about 1919-1920). It is recorded in the Lloyd's shipping register from 1916-1919.

Year: 1916
Materials: boxwood; pine; brass
Measurements: L:146.5cm; W:18.2cm; Ht:35.9cm
ID_Number: ERYMS (Goole) : G228

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