Title: Half model of yacht 'Mona'
Item Name: Sea and Shipping


Half model of the yacht "Mona", with upper part painted black, plain wood below water-line. Made of mahogany and pine. The actual vessel was a Yorkshire one-design yacht, built at Southampton and transported to Bridlington by train in 1889. Nine Yachts of this design were built - the model represents No.2 (named 'Mona'), which sank off Danes Dyke in 1904 and was restored to working condition. The yacht was still racing in the 1940's. Mr G. H. Waddington is believed to have raced this design at Bridlington in 1898.

Year: 1898
Materials: mahogany; pine
Measurements: L:76.5cm, W:25cm,
ID_Number: ERYMS : 1995.916

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