Title: Model of SS Africa
Item Name: Sea and Shipping


Ship model and case of S.S. Africa. Single funnel, with two lifeboats behind it. Wooden decks and superstructure. Hull of model, pale red/pink below waterline, black above. Model scale 1:48. Wooden mahogany and glass case (clear and silvered). Ship details on plaque below model - Bennett Steamship Company. Credland, A.G. : 1982 Iron & Steel Shipbuilding on the Humber, Earles of Hull 1853 - 1932: Kingston upon Hull, City Council. SS Africa built by Messrs Earles Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd for the Bennett Steamship Company Limited.

Year: 1903
Materials: glass; mahogany; brass
Measurements: Ht:55.2cm, L:195.3cm, T:25.3cm
ID_Number: ERYMS (Goole) : M9

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