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TitleMakerDate Made
Glass honeView
Draper's shop1900-1920(c)View
Cobbler's lastView
Cobbler's lastView
Cobbler's lastView
Cobbler's lastView
Cobbler's lastView
Cobbler's lastView
Cobbler's toolView
Cobbler's toolView
Cobbler's toolView
Cobbler's toolView
Cobbler's toolView
Cobbler's toolView
Indenture to brickmaker1671View
Headstone designs1930-1939View
Interview letter1950View
Letter re wages1976View
The Old Fishwick Mill, Beverley, 1800Taylor, Edward1900-1909(c)View
'Building with Steel' MagazineConstrado1978View
Plumber's dressing stick1900-1930View
Plumber's dressing stick1900-1930View
Dressing stick1900-1930View
Plumb bob1900-1930View
Pocket books1937-1938View
[Nicholl's shop]1900-1920(c)View
[Hunsley's butchers]1900-1910(c)View
Pipe laying demo photo1968View
Plumb bob1900-1930View
Plumber's dressing stick1900-1930View
hairdresser's capeAdorma Toilet Co.1960 (c)View
Book - "Leather Craft"Seven Seas Pty.1974View
Caulking chiselRoberts, Ernie1950-1960View
caulking chiselRoberts, Ernie1950-1960View
caulking chiselRoberts, ErnieView
Bill for tiles1864View
Bill for bricks1864View
Bill for pavings/bricks1864View
Bill for bricks etc1864View
Spirit levelE. Preston & SonsView
Glass cutterView
Goole tillage sign1930 (c)View
Hodgson's payslipView
Rivetter's toolBeverley ShipyardView
Chopper shaped toolBeverley ShipyardView
House building document1864View
House building document1864View
Tradesman's bill1887View
Shoe lasts1900 (c)View
Tailor's receipt1970View
Photograph of Bill HancockView
Beverley MinsterView
Metal rulerView
Wheelwright's adze1930-1960View
Wheelwright's adzeGilpin, W.1870-1910View
Information bookletCANDL1978View
Riveting hammerView
Shipyard toolView
Shipwrights toolView
List of Hodgson's tannery employeesThompson, HerbertView
Two films of Armstrong Patents1950-1960View
Booklet about leatherBeeby, K.J.View
Photographs of East Riding LaundryView
Photographs of East Riding LaundryView
Photographs of Melrose Tannery siteView
Aerial photograph of TanneryView
Tannery documentsView
Interview with Alec FinchView
Book about RoperyThe Cloister Press Ltd1975View
7 notebooks about Beverley RoperyErnest Cross1945-1960View
Three voltmetersView
Thompson calendarThompson, J.G. & B.1952View
Beverley Rural District, the official guideBeverley Rural District Council1962View
Looking at wheat the Hovis wayHovisView
Electrical repairs bookletCussins and Light Ltd.1976View
Bradshaws: A Golden Jubilee of ServiceBradshawsView
Booklet from Cook, Welton & GemmellView
Blacksmith's punchView
Blacksmith's screwdriverView
Blacksmith's dividerView
Blacksmith's die-plateView
Blacksmith's calipersView
Blacksmith's squareView
Blacksmith's measuring wheelView
Blacksmith's tongsView
Cook, Welton and Gemmell Annual ReportsView
'Eventyr'H. C. Andersen1948-4-30View
Ron Walker interviewClayton, Marianne2007View
Aerial photograph of Beverley Shipyard1950 (post)View

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