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TitleMakerDate Made
Princess Mary Promenade1938View
Bridlington harbourView
Princess Mary Promenade1920-1930(c)View
Flamborough LighthouseView
Sewerby CliffsView
Flamborough HeadView
South Side Sands and Royal HallView
Sewerby Cliffs1905View
Page from Photo Album1947View
Bridlington Sea WallView
Bridlington Sea FrontView
Sands at Bridlington,1905(c)View
Charabanc outing in Bridlington1920(c)View
'Having a Good Time at Driffield'View
The Dainty Postal Souvenir1917View
Grindleford station1946View
Bridlington Sports Day1946View
Bridlington Holiday, August 19471947View
Holiday in Bridlington 19381938View
Bridlington Holiday, August 19471947View
Mary & Norah Robinson, 1925Derrick, CharlesView
Bridlington Holiday, August 19471947View
Bridlington Holiday, August 19471947View
Sewerby Rose GardenView
Pleasure boat, BridlingtonView
Bridlington speedboat rideView
Bridlington, Marine Drive & Spa1935View
Danes Dyke1937View
The Harbour, BridlingtonView
Bridlington SpaView
Bridlington floral clockView
Punch and JudyNewton, Frank1934View
Local PostcardRegent Publishing Co.1926View
The 'Yorkshireman' in Bridlington harbourRA SeriesView
Bridlington tourism images1946-1981(c)View
Tourist bookletsView
Sewerby park1995View
Bridlington scenesView
Seaside postcards1950-1970(c)View
Goss ware jugView
Bridlington for happy holidaysView
Bridlington for family holidaysView
Excursion to Bridlington1970(c)View
Tourist guides1920-1995(c)View
Bridlington harbour photographs1868-1933(c)View
Schoolday holidays at Beverley c1931Smith, R.H.1992View
Princes Parade, BridlingtonView
Two Bridlington summer holidays1938-1948View
Flamborough & Bridlington scenes1909-1959View
Tetley family albumView
Tourist brochure1997View
Tourist souvenir bag1997View
Tourism poster1997View
Novelty Viewing Stick1920-1940View
The Holidaymaker's CompanionJohnson, Francis1920-1930View
Postcard of Sewerby cliffs walk1900-1910(c)View
Driffield town guideDriffield Town Council1996(c)View
Yorkshire Tonic Resort plaqueView
Publicity materialView
Tourist brochuresEast Yorkshire Borough CouncilView
Accommodation guidesView
Tourism videosView
Charabanc outing, 19201920 (c)View
Tourists Accommodation guide1995View
Sewerby CliffsPhotochrom Co. Ltd.1920(c)View
Sewerby CliffsExcel SeriesView
School Trip to Switzerland1960-1961View
Saucy postcards1960 (c?)View
Bathing at BridlingtonBolsover, H.D.1925View
Souvenir JugShelley's Ltd1910 - 1925View
We Miss The Patter of Your Little Feet at GooleSalmon, J.1910 (c)View
Children on beach1925 (c)View
Greetings from Goole1900(c)View
Princess Mary Promenade, BridlingtonExcel Series1938(c)View
Tide Time, GooleValentine1918View
Public Park, GooleDoncaster Rotophoto Company Ltd1919 (pre)View
Holiday photo albumView
North Field, Thorne1907 (pre)View
Souvenir porcelain cup1930 (c)View
Souvenir plate1930 (c)View
Souvenir of Cleethorpes1920View

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