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TitleMakerDate Made
Driffield police (?)View
Police badgeH.W. Miller Ltd.View
Police badge1914View
Fire hose nozzle1930 - 1940View
Fire engine1798(c)View
Insurance plaque1824View
Elmswell estate map1931View
Police conference1928View
Police letter1934View
Police truncheonView
Solicitor's certificate1880View
Certificate of qualification1854View
Certificate of qualification1820View
Treason trial token1794View
Court summons1910-1919(c)View
Humberside fire brigade plaquePostern AwardsView
Humberside police plaqueView
Fire brigade pennantView
Solicitor's plaqueView
Treason trial token1794(c)View
Silver whistleHudson & CoView
Hand Operated Fire Engine DocumentsView
Hand cuffsView
Iron shacklesView
Goole Fire Brigade1896View
Policeman's truncheon1880-1900(c)View
Fire mark1834 (c)View
Notice to Constables 1807Turner, M, Lockwood, John1807View
Vellum indenture1669View
Police truncheon1849 (c)View
Wooden rattle1750 - 1850 (c)View
Beverley Special ConstablesTurner & Drinkwater1918View
Steel prison key1800-1878(c)View
Truncheon1850 (c)View
Pinder's staffView
Steel handcuffsHiatt1800 - 1850View
Document re land dispute1686View
Acts of ParliamentHurst, Rowland1800 (c)View
Goole & Marshland Gazette 1/4/1857Small, Alfred1857View
Land document1812View
Special constable's medalView
Fire engineWinlow1785View
Clowes Saddler's Shop ModelBird, Mr.1868View
Legal booksView
Model of padded cellPocock1940-1950View
Title deed1911View
Parliament ReportHMSO1923View
Sale deed1793View
Special Constable's warrant card1914View
Court summons1914 (c)View
Identity card1940View
Solicitor's wigRavenscroft1912 (c)View
Solicitor's collarsRavenscroft1912 (c)View
Police truncheon1836 (c)View
Will of George DickonDickon, George1789View
Will of Paul RuddRudd, Paul1720 (c)View
Ministry of Labour bookletHMSO1965View
Handcuffs with keyView
Railway charges meetingEyre & Spottiswoode1920View
Railway charges meetingEyre & Spottiswoode1920View
Document re railway chargesEyre & Spottiswoode1920View
Railway regulationsEyre & Spottiswoode1921View
Religious worship ActEyre & Spottiswoode1855View
Act of Parliament1916View
Act of ParliamentEyre & Spottiswoode1894View
Working Classes ActEyre & Spottiswoode1903View
documentEyre & Spottiswoode1893View
documentEyre & Spottiswoode1900View
Parish Fire Engines ActEyre & Spottiswoode1898View
Protection of Animals ActEyre & Spottiswoode1911View
Railways ActEyre & Spottiswoode1921View
Government reportHMSO1920View
Inland Waterways reportHMSO1921View
Isolation Hospitals ActEyre & Spottiswoode1893View
Isolation hospitals ActEyre & Spottiswoode1901View
Public Health ActEyre & Spottiswoode1907View
Education ActEyre & Spottiswoode1902View
Pest control ActEyre & Spottiswoode1919View
Compensation ActEyre & Spottiswoode1906View
Accidents ActEyre & Spottiswoode1906View
documentEyre & Spottiswoode1882View
documentEyre & Spottiswoode1907View
documentEyre & Spottiswoode1911View
Railway ActEyre & Spottiswoode1906View
documentEyre & Spottiswoode1897View
documentEyre & Spottiswoode1901View
DocumentEyre & Spottiswoode1919View

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