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TitleMakerDate Made
Jemmy Hirst cup1850 (c)View
Jemmy Hirst mug1929View
Elsie Robson1989View
Jemmy Hirst saucer1850 (c)View
Lady in bonnetGarrison1890(c)View
Young woman c1890Garrison1890(c)View
Photograph of William Cooper1921(c)View
Photograph of Richard (Fred) Cooper1920View
Mr & Mrs Crowther's wedding1940(c)View
Cartoon of Goole notablesMatt1936View
Robert Hopley1880 (c)View
George Leonard BrowneView
A Fashionable Gentleman c1870Platino Grapho Studios1865-1870(c)View
Young ladyThrupp, Robert W.1870(c)View
Elderly Bearded GentlemanBarry, W.1870(c)View
Thomas C. KettlewellView
Portrait of an Elderly LadyGlen, H.G.1870(c)View
Young Lady in a White BallgownBarry, W.1885-1890(c)View
Edith Cavell1915(post)View
Lady with parasol1890-1910 (c)View
Portrait of ladyGlen, H.G.1870(c)View
Young Gentleman (seated) and lady.Hertz1870(c)View
Portrait of gentlemanPettingell, Ernest1870(c)View
Middle aged GentlemanThompson, W. G.1870-1900(c)View
Bearded GentlemanBarry, W.1870-1900(c)View
Lady in a White dressSawyer, L.1870(c)View
Elderly Gentleman With Walking StickBoucher, A1870(c)View
Elderly LadyBoucher, A1870(c)View
Photo of a young girlWilliams, J.1870-1900 (c)View
James Edward Wilson1890(c)View
Photograph of Dr W CassMaull & Polyblank1870-1900(c)View
Photograph of a Seated GentlemanLondon School of Photography1870-1900(c)View
Photograph of a GentlemanBarton, W.H.1870-1900(c)View
Photograph of a GentlemanMay, R. C.1870-1900(c)View
Photograph of a Young GentlemanHawke1870-1900(c)View
Will of Mrs Ann Donston1753View
Mother and Child c 1890Powles & Briggs1890(c)View
Mrs Duckels1960 (c)View
Sara Jane AtkinsonGarrison1890-1900(c)View
Life of Snowden DunhillPratt, W.F.1834View
The Life and Adventures of James Hirst of RawcliffeHepworth, T.M.1800 (c)View
An Account of James Hirst EsqHopkinson, R.1830View
Marriage settlement.1771View
Carte - de - VisiteGarrison1890View
Carte - de - VisiteGarrison1890 (c)View
Photograph of a Young GentlemanLondon Stereoscopic Company1870-1900(c)View
Photograph of a Young GentlemanLondon School of Photography1870-1900(c)View
Photograph of a gentleman1870-1900(c)View
Carte - de - VisiteGarrison1890 (c)View
Carte - de - VisiteGarrison1890 (c)View
Carte - de - VisiteW. Arthur1890 (c)View
Carte - de - VisiteGarrison1890 (c)View
Carte - de - VisiteW. T. Lee1890 (c)View
Carte - de - VisiteHowlett, J.1890 (c)View
Carte - de - VisiteW. Gyles1890 (c)View
Carte - de - VisiteGarrison1890 (c)View
Sarah Jane Atkinson materialView
Letter of thanks1890 (c)View
Edwin Short letter1893View
Belgian civic medal1931View
OBE medal in boxPinches, John1920View
Photograph of Mr. Johns1981(c)View
Thomas Bonfrey Burton & family: A Beverley Artist 1866-1941View
Skidby villagers1920-1930 (c)View
John Barrow, roadsweeperDuncom, J.1900(c)View
Royal Humane Society CertificateRoyal Humane Society1914View
W.J. Thorley's sketch bookThorley, W.J.1878 (post)View
[W.J. Thorley's scrapbook]Thorley, W.J.1880-1900(c)View
[Young lady]Boak (M.) & Sons1895-1900(c)View
George W. SnowdenBoak (M.) & Sons1870-1900(c)View
Young Girl in TutuBrigham, Foster W.View
Anna PetrovnaBrigham, Foster W.View
[YY Graeme plaque]1856(c)View
Freedom of the Borough.Goole CouncilView
Photograph of a GentlemanLondon School of Photography1870-1900(c)View
The Last PurchaseView
Lord Wenlock memorial booklet1912View
Lady Wenlock memorial booklet1932View
Great Grandmother NightingaleView
Mr & Mrs Tom NightingaleView
Cousin Vernon's Middies & Maids1905(c)View
Photograph of working manHowlett1900-1940View
Carte de VisiteAllerston, John Taylor1860-1880View
Carte de VisiteBoak, Matthew1860-1880View
Mary Pexton (Brown owl) meeting the Queen1970-1979View
Mary Pexton's letter from WRVS re long service medal.1972View
Mary Pexton1970-1982View

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