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TitleMakerDate Made
Childrens contest, Bridlington1975-1977View
Jubilee Queen1977View
Spa Theatre programme1946(c)View
Tarzan bookNewnes, George (Ltd.)View
[Spa Theatre]1940-1950(c)View
Lantern slidesHeselton, Thomas1897(c)View
Dance class, BeverleyView
Lantern slides1870-1900View
Lantern slides1870-1900View
Magic lantern slide1880-1890View
Magic lantern slides1870-1910View
Magic lantern slides1870-1910View
Black and white televisionUltra1950(c)View
Magic lantern slide1880-1900View
paper bagsView
Edison Gem phonographEdison1888 (post)View
Floral Hall1905-1910(c)View
Floral HallView
Magic lantern slides1870-1900View
Carols sheetView
"On Bridlington Sands"Murrell, Frank W.1930(c)View
Magic lantern slides1870-1910View
Mouth organSeydal Soehne, C.A.1900 (c)View
Bridlington, Royal Hall1930(c)View
Bridlington, Royal HallView
Dance, the Spa1930(c)View
Ferrograph recorderView
Eumic cameraView
Spa Royal HallView
Theatre programmeGoole Times Publishing Company1969View
Play programmeGoole Times Publishing Company1966View
Theatre programmeGoole Times Publishing Company1964View
Theatre programmeHarry Bradley & Co.1970View
Theatre programmeGoole Times Publishing Company1963View
Theatre programmeGoole Times Publishing Company1965View
Cinema programme1972 (c)View
Bridlington Spa programme1934View
3 musical scores1929-1934View
Film about transportCommon Ground Ltd.1948 (c)View
Film notesCommon Ground Ltd.1948 (c)View
Film about pottery makingCommon Ground Ltd.1948 (c)View
Film notesCommon Ground Ltd.1948 (c)View
InvoiceGreenacre, F.J.1948View
Royal wedding filmPhoto-Union Ltd.1947View
Case for Mandolin1923 (c)View
Banjo Mandolin1923(c)View
InvoiceGreenacre, F.J.1948View
Film listCommon Ground Ltd.1948View
Film listGarside, Harold1948View
Film leafletPhoto-Union Ltd.1947View
InvoiceGreenacre, F.J.1948View
African education filmPhoto-Union Ltd.1947View
Film about coinageNewton and Co. Ltd1949 (c)View
InvoiceGreenacre, F.J.1949View
InvoiceNewton and Co. Ltd1948View
InvoiceGreenacre, F.J.1948View
Film leafletEducational Publicity Ltd.View
Film leafletDaily MailView
Film leafletView
Film leaflet1948View
Projector reelCyldonView
Theatre bill1927View
Mirror TV Supplement1958 (c)View
Theatre programme1963View
Film projectorAldisView
Rita Hebb artefactsView
Circus programmeView
Theatre programme1939View
Theatre programme1939View
Beverley Picture Playhouse Flyer1960View
sheet musicView
Record playerFidelity1960sView
Joke book1950View
Theatre programme1939View
Theatre programme1967-1970View
Theatre programme1939-1945View
Opera glassesView
Theatre programme1939 (c)View
theatre programme1937View
Theatre programme1940 (c)View
theatre programme1940View
theatre programme1965View
Ice skating show programme1940View
All that I ask is loveBamforth & Co. Ltd.1900-1920(c)View
Meet me tonight in dreamlandBamforth & Co. Ltd.1900-1920(c)View
Songs for HumbersideCresta Products1968View
Beverley Picture Playhouse Flyer1960View
Elvis Presley photograph1960-1969View

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