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TitleMakerDate Made
Cut throat razorView
Hair gripView
Hair gripView
Hair gripView
Pince nez spectaclesView
Gold framed spectaclesJames Woodcock & SonView
Spring framed spectaclesView
Gold metal spectaclesView
Cutthroat razorHale, FrederickView
Cutthroat razorFox BrothersView
Cut throat razorsView
Spectacles and caseView
Scent bottleView
Cut throat razorView
Horn rimmed spectaclesView
Spectacle case1887 (c)View
Steel spectacles1800 - 1900 (c)View
Blue steel spectacles1800 - 1900 (c)View
Blue steel spectaclesView
Spectacle caseView
Steel framed spectaclesView
Scent bottleView
Ever-Ready razorEver-Ready1930-1939View
Hollow-ground razorRogers, R. & Son1900 (c)View
Safety razor1930-1950View
Curling TongsView
Perfume bottleCarolineView
Perfume bottleYardleyView
Cutthroat razor1890 (c)View
Heated rollers leafletView
Cutthroat razorNeedham, Keall & Tyzack Ltd.1890 (c)View
Hair tongsAdams, GladstoneView
Bath cubes1970-1980View
Bath soaps1955-1970View
Soap boxA & E Pears Ltd1953-1969View
SpectaclesProut Bros.1900 (c)View
Moisterising creamAvon1965-1975View
Face creamAvon1965-1975View
Conditioning creamCoty1965-1975View
Skin creamAlmay1965-1975View
Perfume bottleGoya1965-1975View
Cologne bottleAvon1965-1975View
Perfume bottleWorth1965-1975View
Cream sachetCoty1965-1975View
Cream sachetAvon1965-1975View
Perfume bottleHelena Rubinstein1965-1975View
Body mousseAvon1965-1975View
Deodorant bottleAvon1965-1975View
Roll on deodorantAvon1965-1975View
Body lotionShulton1965-1975View
Perfume bottleCoty1965-1975View
Cream sachetAvon1965-1975View
Safety razorGilletteView
Perfume bottleView
Cologne bottleAvon1965-1975View
Perfume packagingWorth1965-1975View
Lavender water packagingBoots1965-1975View
Perfume bottleView
manicure tool1850-1900View
Perfume bottleCoty1965-1975View
Perfume bottle1965-1975View
Perfume bottleAvon1965-1975View
Perfume bottleCoty1965-1975View
Plastic hand mirror1950-1959View
Gold rimmed spectaclesView
Plastic hairbrush1930-1939View
Hair clip1890-1900View
Safety razorWilkinson Sword Co.1930-1950View
Cuthroat razorGongView
Philips razorPhilips1960-1969View
Barber's stropView
Hair clips/curlersView
Hair dryerMorphy Richards1960-1969View
Cosmetics gift packView
Perfume packagingPotter & Moore1965-1975View
Perfume bottleCoty1965-1975View
Deodorant packagingAvon1965-1975View
Skin care containerBoots1965-1975View
Perfume bottleYardley1970-1979View
Face mask packagingHelena Rubinstein1965-1975View
Skin cream packagingSmith & Nephew Ltd.1970-1979View
Safety razorEver-ReadyView
Safety razorWard, ThomasView
Safety razorEver-ReadyView
Perfume bottleView
Perfume bottleView
Safety razorWard, ThomasView
Moisturiser packagingBoots1970-1979View
Deodorant packagingAvon1970-1979View

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